The Sacred Chickens of Rome: A Tale of Treachery, Bravery, and Poultry

In the year 249 BC, during the First Punic War, the Roman consul Publius Appius Claudius Pulcher callously tossed the sacred chickens into the sea. This is the story of what became of those unlucky birds.

-9 x 6 inches

-175 pages

-full color


Vertiginous, Biblically: An Assemblage of Profoundly Un-Heretical Musings

This collection of illustrated essays touches on everything from Samson to Jonah to Constantine to Julian the Apostate to cannibalism to Shamgar. Especially Shamgar. You'll like it.

-6 x 9 inches

-220 pages

-mostly color, some black and white


The Best Of Creeking More In The ATL (with your host Nate Creekmore)

Herein are several (and by "several" I mean 27) stories recounting the various and sundry adventures of Nate Creekmore in the great and grand city of Atlanta.

-6 x 9 inches

-320 pages

-full color


Green Eyes, Dark Hair, & Sensible Shoes

This is a collection of graphic novellas about loneliness. And candy. One of them is about candy.

-6 x 9 inches

-114 pages

-full color


82 Caesars

This epic poem, in the mold of Virgil's Aeneid (or Dr. Suess' Hop on Pop) recounts the deeds and misdeeds of the many emperors of Rome.

-6 x 9 inches

-70 pages

-black and white